How to Submit a Post for Review

Step 1: Login
While on the main splash page, scroll down the left side of the site until you find the <Meta> tab. Click on <Login> or <Register>.

Step 2: Make a New Post

Once Logged in, There should be a bar across the top of the page. Hover over the <+New> tab, then click on <Post>.

Step 3: How to Build a Post

A. Title – The title will be the name displayed for the article on all Posts.

B. Toolbar – The toolbar allows you to easily add content to your Article. Here is a small break down of the Buttons

Add Media – Lets you add graphics to your post as well as a rotating carousel of images.

Add Form – Lets you add a Form to the site to allow users to fill out and submit information safely to the website.

Insert Shortcode – Allows you to add small bits a coding to customize your post with flare.

Visual / Text – This will let you toggle between a word processor style editor, or an html style editor. ***Just a heads switching from Text > Visual will try and clean up your article, it is suggested you copy your stuff before switching over.

Text Bar – This is your standard word text bar which will allow you to change your text around and customize it.

Magic Card Tagger – This will allow you to tag your magic cards to hover the picture of the card.

Magic Deck builder – This will automatically build and format your decklist for proper presentation on the website. See the FAQ for how to use the deck builder here.

C. Side Bar Tools – The sidebar tools will allow you to make sure the article gets to the correct place for users to access it.

Publish – This will allow you to preview your submission to make sure it gets submitted in the correct format and the way you are trying to get it to look. It will allow you to save the post without submitting for review. Finally when the article is complete click submit for review. Your article must meet the guidelines below in order for an editor to consider your article for review.

Categories – Select the categories you’d like for the post to submitted under. The difference between Category and tags are how the site will sort them and/or recall them in different places around the site. For example: All articles will be sorted into the main article page, where as tagging the article with a specific format or archetype will allow users to look for your article based on its content.

Tag – Tags will allow users to find your post based on a summary of its content. Tagging things like format, archetype, theorycrafting, or deckname will allow users to find specific things related to their interests. You can add as many tags as you feel necessary but at a minimum it is required that any magic related articles have their format tagged for sorting.

Featured Image – This is used for splash pages and displays. This is a requirement for all posts so they can be displayed in image based lists.

Post Review Requirements:

Author Tag
Author Heading (once built)
All Magic Cards Must be Tagged
All decklists must be correctly formatted
Category selected
Pertinent Tags added
Featured Image uploaded
Spelling and Grammar Checked