Magic Deck Build Button

This tutorial will explain where and how to use the <Magic Deck Builder> button to insert seamless deck lists into any post.
The <Magic Deck Builder> button is located on the Toolbar under the <Visual> tab. It allows a nice cohesive layout for posting decklists within a post while keeping uniformity between multiple users and posts.

Locating the button: It is located in the toolbar. When you hover over the icon it will say “WNY Gaming – Post Deck List” It looks like this:

The Interface:

As you can see the individual categories are laid out and labeled clearly.

***If you don’t fill out a deckname it will default to: “Test Deck”, Similarly if you do not fill out a designer it will default to “Unknown”.***

One requirement for entering data into the fields is to ensure it fits the heading category you put it under. For Example: Birds of Paradise would go under creatures.

The second requirement is to ensure the complete card name is spelled correctly. (You can check in the preview to make sure it is spelled correctly)

The third requirement is that every card is preceded by a number. For Example: “2 Birds of Paradise”

Once you click on the “build decklist” button, it will automatically add it with the appropriate tags into the post. You can still edit the laid out text, however it is recommended that you do not edit the layout, just fix the text within it. It should look like this:

Once the article is previewed it should look like this inside the webpage:

The hover links should go directly to the card itself. the card will be embedded into the right side, and the deck should populate in 2 or 3 columns from left to right.

This sleek, clean layout helps to improve the quality of your post and the overall quality of the website. This will keep uniformity across the whole website and is required for all decklists within articles.

Some notes:

Make sure you don’t add the plural for cards that don’t use it. For Example: Correct “2 Swamp”  Incorrect “2 Swamps

If you spell the card name wrong the system will not recognize it and the hover will be a Magic Card Back