Interview with Patricia Lam – Canadian Nationals

I recently had the chance to interview local Heroclix player Patricia Lam about her experience at Canadian Nationals.


1. how was the trip? and where was Canadian Nationals held this year?

The trip was great! It’s always fun to go back to Canada. This year, it was held in Gatineau, Quebec, which is across the river from Ottawa, the capital of Canada

2. what’s the store like?

The tournament was run by Carta Magica, but they rented out space at a hotel to run this year’s tournament. They used to run it in their shop, but Canadian Nationals has grown too big to fit in that store. They have a typical game store with lots of product and nice space to play. It’s a nice shop and the owner Alex is a great guy!

3. how many players were there?

42 total players qualified to play in the finals, but there were maybe another 10-20 or so that were there that played in Battle Royales. This was the highest turnout for Canadian Nationals!

4. what was your team?

I played a sweet X-Men theme team with 2x Wolverine, Cyclops, Lila Cheney, Darwin, shifting focus Deadpool, the Boxing Ring and 5 ID cards (Professor X, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Chamber and Jubilee)

5. what were your team’s strengths/weaknesses?

It’s a “get in your face” team. Being able to play this team aggressively helps against teams that take a while to set up. Since this team is a theme team, more than likely I would go first. By going first, I can be within your starting area first turn. For teams that need time to set up (like Star Fox needing to pick up Mjolnir, or a symbiote for Uni-Mind), they need to make a decision on whether to engage in battle and not get their special item, or waste that turn to pick up their item. In terms of weaknesses, since the team relies on Lila to get around, once she’s dead it’s harder to chase people down, especially over elevated terrain. Also, since the team relies on her carrying 4 characters, my team tends to be bunched up, which get sad when they get tank attacked, or energy explosion against them.

6. were there any teams/players that you were especially keeping an eye on or worried about?

So many great players were at this event. You always have to look out for Team Pusheen, Four Points and PJ Bolin. In terms of teams I didn’t want to face, the mirror match with other X-men teams is always rough.

7. how did this event make you feel about the current state of competitive play in heroclix?

The meta is definitely a lot healthier than it has been the last couple of years. Instead of one dominant team, there are many viable options to play, depending on your play style. Having less “off the map” elements and resources was a good change.

8. of the prizes you won what was your favorite?

For making Top 4, I got all the Con LE figures and ID cards. I’m looking forward to playing the new LE Joker with his super Poison, and bombshell Hawkgirl, since there is so much synergy between all the bombshell figures.

9. any tips for those looking to improve their game?

Keep playing the game, especially at your local venues. It’s playing often that helps improve your game. You don’t need to play 300 points modern all the time to be a good player. It’s learning the rules, learning basic strategy and placement that make you a better player.

(Patricia Lam 5th from L)