A Tale of Commander and Community

GP Los Angeles has drawn to a close, a champion has been crowned. We paid no attention to the main tournament. We spent our time playing commander and brawl, going out to dinner with friends, and just having fun together. We would just walk in to the tournament and take over a row of tables. The GP started for me on Wednesday the 15th when I got off the plane and Phil Deluca picked me up and took me to In-n-Out, a first, and I wouldn’t call it amazing but it was very good. Thursday the 16th I spent in Santa Monica. Phil works for Riot Games and had invited me to play with his meta that night, they meet every Thursday and a great bunch of people. Friday the 17th we got to the Staples Center around 2pm corralled some tables and jammed commander until about 1am. We got back to Phil’s house around 2am and passed out. Saturday the 18th We got to the GP around 11am and proceeded to jam commander until around 9pm when we decided to go get dinner and found an Italian restaurant called Terroni, which I can’t recommend highly enough. Fresh pasta, Italian style pizza, and did I mention the fresh pasta? It was amazing and well worth the money. After dinner we found out that there was an ice cream parlor down the street called Little Damage that is known for infusing ice cream with charcoal dust to make it black and waffle cones that were made with charcoal dust as well. After the ice cream we headed to the Marriott for a gathering hosted by the Masters of Modern podcast until a little after midnight. Sunday the 19th Shivam needed to leave for his flight by 3:30 so we got to the GP at just before noon and jammed some commander and ended up doing a quick sealed with battleborn. Overall this weekend was superb and I wish it could last forever but the call of home will beckon me back, eventually. Until then I’m going to enjoy the sunny weather and relax. Peace y’all and remember, waste not the time you have.