Something Old Something New #1: Hellfire Club

Hello and welcome to the first issue of Something Old Something New, a Heroclix series where we will build a theme team featuring a newly released game element.


Today we’re looking at the grand prize of the recent Days of Future Past storyline program, the Tri-Sentinel.

The Tri-Sentinel is the newest Colossal figure available to the public and can be played at 550, 300, 100 or 30pts.  For this team he will be used at the 30pt “Colossal Retaliation” starting line as that will be the one players will most commonly see him on.  Let’s take a look at his dial:

One click of life may look preposterous for such a large sculpt, but colossal-sized figures have been sporting the single “Retaliation” click for a few years now (since the Superman/Wonder Woman set released in 2015 to be exact).

For those that are new to the game or are unfamiliar with the term, “Colossal Retaliation” is a power that certain figures have that allows them to perform a retaliatory attack against an opposing character that either attacked the figure or damaged a friendly character last turn. This attack is often a FREE action and may have special benefits unique to the character.

In this case the Tri-Sentinel’s “Colossal Retaliation” power allows it to use Pulsewave as a FREE and then destroy all blocking terrain within 3 squares after the action resolves. Coupled with the Prime Directive special movement power the Tri-Sentinel could possibly deal 4 damage to an opposing character without even being given an action token! The special movement power also grants Plasticity and Sidestep which will keep the Tri-Sentinel on the move and relatively safe from being tied-down by the opposition.

The Tri-Sentinel also has Improved Movement: breaks Blocking Terrain, giving it just one more way to deal damage for free in conjunction with the Prime Directive.

In addition to it’s offensive capabilities this bucket o’ bolts also has some built-in safety measures. Traited Energy Shield/Deflection and Protected: Mind Control means that the enemy is going to have a difficult time shooting it down or setting it up for their close combat attackers.

Now that we’ve reviewed what sort of mayhem the Tri-Sentinel is capable of, let’s see what kind of force we can build around it. Of the four keywords available I chose to team this fancy new robot with Marvel’s elite (and secretly evil) Hellfire Club.



First and foremost is the man, the myth, the legend… Magneto!

Magneto brings everything one would expect to see in Heroclix for the “Master of Magnetism”: flight, Telekinesis, Leadership and 7 range to dole out damage from afar. What separates him from other versions and why he was included in this build are the benefits he specifically brings to the Hellfire Club. Stat bumps can make or break a match and helping ensure that your teammates are landing solid attacks is critical with any strategy.


Speaking of stat bumps, it’s time to check out this version of the Hellfire Club’s White Queen.

Although this Emma personifies her time as a tutor to young mutants and member of the X-Men, her special damage power can be used to increase combat values on friendly characters that she shares ANY keyword with, not just the good guys. Unlike Magneto she can use this power on herself and can bump stats besides attack and damage, allowing her to help protect the group by Perplexing defense when the occasion calls for it.


Anyone who is familiar with the Hellfire Club knows that this ensemble would not feel complete without its leader Sebastian Shaw, the Black King.

With a dial that gets stronger the more damage he takes, Black King should typically be at the front lines of the battle. Although the stat bumps Shaw offers only benefit himself, he does have Leadership and Outwit that will assist the entire team by removing action tokens and diminishing the opposition’s ability to avoid taking damage.


I know you might be asking yourself “what do the Suited Henchmen from the Batman: The Animated Series set have to do with the Hellfire Club?”. Well, in the comics the Hellfire Club always have squadrons of guards to keep their vested interests safe and to aid them in their nefarious deeds. Since the last clixed versions of the Hellfire Club guards are a little too dated for my tastes AND the Suited Henchman doesn’t “break” my theme I decided that they made a good proxy.

Their abilities are very comparable to what the Hellfire guards are capable of and, having played oodles of these guys endlessly for the last few months I can personally attest that they can often swing well above their point value.


So there you have it: a fairly balanced Hellfire Club team fit for the ages!


One lucky player will be taking home the Tri-Sentinel this weekend from WNY Gaming at the conclusion of the DOFP month 3 event, but if it isn’t you don’t panic: the Tri-Sentinel will be available for retail purchase before the end of 2018. Be sure to pre-order one with your favorite friendly neighborhood “Chop-Keep” 😉