ROC Winter Meltdown

It was recently announced that WNY Gaming and several other stores in the Western New York/Northern Pennsylvania area would be participating in something called “the ROC Winter Meltdown”. I figured I would take the time to shed a little light on what exactly that means here.

What is the ROC Winter Meltdown?

The ROC Winter Meltdown is a competitive Heroclix series of events that starts in January 2019 and ends with the championship in April 2019. 

6 stores from Ny to Pa will host ROC Win-A-Map events with the winners earning free entry into the championship.

Players will have the opportunity to check-out other venues that support Heroclix, interact and face-off with unfamiliar opponents and compete for limited edition prizing in this store-spanning series that will determine our area’s ROC Heroclix Champion!

Each store’s event will feature a “golden ticket” for the first place finish in addition to any other prizing the store may be offering. These golden tickets grant the player free entry into the Championship tournament. Think of it as each store sending their “best of the best” as a Heroclix representative.

Which stores will be hosting events?

Comics Etc. (Rochester, Ny)

Legacy Gaming Company (Syracuse, Ny)

WNY Gaming (Hamburg, Ny)

Gamers Portal (Bolivar, Ny)

Game Corp (Erie, Pa)

Pop’s Culture Shoppe (Wellsboro, Pa)

Where is the Championship tournament being held?

At WNY Gaming in April. Details on that will be announced as they are determined, but I can say that there will be no shortage of prizing, from convention exclusive figures to custom Heroclix accessories. Also there will be several ways to win prizing, from placing high in the tournament itself to door prizes, roll-offs and raffles!

Are the individual store champions the only players allowed in the Championship event?

No, the store champions will be granted free entry (AND a ROC Winter Meltdown t-shirt notating the store they are the champion from)  into the Championship tournament, but any player may enter.

Are players only allowed to enter in their own local stores?

Absolutely not! Although the focus for the Win-a-Map events is on delivering a fun, competitive atmosphere at the local level, players are allowed (and encouraged) to play in as many events as they wish to attend. The only stipulation is that if a player who has already won an event and earned their golden ticket to the Championship tournament wins another event, the 2nd golden ticket would be passed down to the next eligible player. All other prizing offered at the event is fair game though!

What is ROC?

Realms Open Championship is an organized play system that facilitates Heroclix tournaments all over the world. Originally started by, ROC was recently purchased by current Heroclix World Champion Howard Brock a little over a year ago. Since then Howard has been making changes and improvements, from offering their own exclusive line of neoprene maps (both purchasable and winnable) to the recent announcement that Wizkids is now sponsoring ROC itself!

What is a ROC Win-a-Map event?

Win-a-Map’s are a fun organized play kit designed to be compatible for any sort of local Heroclix tournament. Players compete for a limited edition neoprene map as well as custom 3D objects, custom ROC dice and WKO points (which are used to qualify in larger ROC and Wizkids events). 

Through ROC’s website ( any store can order a kit and they allow for total flexibility in regards to tournament format (even for sealed play). 

Where can I find more information and/or register for ROC Winter Meltdown events?

The ROC Winter Meltdown page on ( as well as each store’s facebook page and Wizkids Event System page.

(Cuse Clix fb group)