ROC Wintermeltdown Round 1

(the following event report is from Ricky Kirk of Rochester, Ny)


“This past weekend I competed in the first round of the first ever ROC Winter Meltdown. This is a special Heroclix series for me because I have been waiting for the Northeast region to get a series like Houston and Majestix. The first of the events was at Game Corps in Erie, Pa. A lot of my teammates and friends have visited this store and told me good things but this was my first time. I have been busy with life and have not had enough time to focus on heroclix, but I figured 2019 was a good time to start getting back into the scene. I have been looking at figures for the past few weeks but did not make a team for the event until the night before. The team was:

SWB Witch Queen Lefay 150

BTAS Zatanna 75

WF Klarion the witch boy 70

BTAS Suited Henchman 5


+3 Mystical Theme

The team looks ok on paper but after actually playing it I have to say that it has a ton of tricks and firepower. Zatanna’s Telekinesis and the bats she generates were crucial to the team’s success. All of my figures have perplex and prob so there was very little missing on attacks with Witch Queen. Klarion was great for positioning prob for my long range alpha attacks. The henchman was there to fill points and provide mastermind fodder for Witch Queen.

I live well over 2 hours away and ended up being 15 minutes late to the event due to a traffic accident. This resulted in getting the first round bye because I was already registered and I kept the judge informed of my sitatuion asap. First round bye was not necessarily a good thing but not horrible either. I ended up with a win and 150pts so I guess a good way to start the event. 

(technically)WIN 150


My first playable match was against James Peckham. James was running a Gotham City team based on penguins, EW chase Green arrow and title Batgirl. James had a +7 to map, so in all reality it was a +4 over my initiative. He won map roll and brought us to the Iceberg Lounge (as his force included the Map Location Bonus).

The match started out with me getting an early advantage by pinging his KC Batman and a Court of Owls Initiate for the early point lead. James retaliated by KO’ing Klarion for a 70-35 point lead. I was starting to beat-up on his main figures. I had Batgirl down to 2 clicks from KO and Green Arrow was off of his special attack power. James attacked Witch Queen and I masterminded to the henchman. As I was about to start my next turn and finish-off the weakened figs, James asked to see one of my cards and then last action was called. I was frustrated because I had the team beat at this point and just needed to finish them off.

LOSS 75-35


Next round I played against a kid named Dale. He was playing Superdoom at full. Knowing that I had the reach and the powers to overcome, I was feeling confident that this match would be a fairly easy one for my team. TK, sidestep and running shot got me into pulse wave range and 2 good pulse waves ko’d superdoom fast. The match lasted about 5 min.

WIN 300-0 


Next Round I played against Weston Steiner. Wes is one of my teammates on Team Buffalo Wings and the organizer of the ROC Winter Meltdown series. Wes was playing a unique Gotham City penguin team which featured 3 different Penguin figs and EW chase Green Arrow. I won map and made sure there was plenty of blocking to disrupt Green Arrow’s effectiveness by choosing to play on my Halfworld map. 

(Wes thinks he’s fancy with his Stormbreaker equipped to One-Armed Ollie)

First turn was sidestepping everyone into position and on turn two I decided to strike fast and hard. I phased Klarion out into position to prob my alpha, jacked up Witch Queen’s numbers and between tk and hypersonic Witch Queen was able to blast Green Arrow off of his special attack. After that it was a lot of clean up on the Penguins and other support. Wes was able to survive the clock with his HAHA Joker only having one escape token left on his card, but the win was mine.

WIN 285-150 


My final round of swiss was against another TBW teammate, Charles Givens. The last time I played Charles was a WAM at WNY Gaming in Hamburg NY. Charles won that due to some very poor rolls by myself and some atrocious placement. This match was going to be tricky because Charles had a fig that worried me: “Balls of Fury” Nick Fury. His team was:

  • Nick Fury
  • Kite man
  • Klarion
  • Iron Heart
  • HaHa Joker
  • Suited Henchman

Fury had me worried because he can “outwit” me with a longer reach and from behind other figures. This match started with both of us getting early KO’s on each others’ Klarion so we tied points. I missed with Witch Queen trying to hit his Nick and lost my special move power. I was able to get a few tokens off of Joker to take the lead, then Charles brought in his Flash Troubalert. Fortunately Flash didn’t do much as an attacker and when Charles rolled his Troubalert trait at the beginning of each turn he kept damaging Flash. Knowing this would give me a larger point lead, I decided it was best to run and better position myself for an attack. A few turns went by and Charles was in position to make an attack on Zatanna but missed and then time was called.

WIN 105-70 


I went into the Top 8 as the #4 seed and had to face off against the teammate that I have played and traveled the most with:  Mr. Jeffery Colliver (AKA Jeff Colossus)

Jeff was playing a team I had really contemplated running for this event and was my worlds team at PAXunplugged this year. It’s an X-Factor team based around Title Deadpool. Jeff’s Team was:

  • Title Deadpool
  • XXS SR Angel
  • Con Ex Forge
  • XXS main set Skids
  • XXS Leech
  • AI Pip the Troll. 

Jeff won map and brought us to the ROC Underground map. Knowing that I had hypersonic and that long range attacks were not going to be effective, I felt confident I had the match. 

We had a few rounds of positioning then I made my strike: I broke a wall then came in for the hit. I hit Deadpool to his regen Clicks and then ended turn. Jeff regenerated up 2 clicks. Next turn I was able to finish Deadpool off and a few turns later, after knocking Forge out, Jeff knew his odds were slim and conceded.


In the Top 4 I got the rematch I wanted! It came a round earlier than I had expected but I was determined to beat James after previously losing on last action in the swiss rounds. 

Map roll went the same and James used Iceberg Lounge again. This time I switched ends because I felt he had the side advantage in the last game. I also started the match much more aggressive to get the early point lead. James, seeing what I was doing and noticing how defensive I was after the lead, decided to play aggressive himself. Only he was a little too aggressive and made a mistake: 

He brought batgirl over to make a strong attack against Witch Queen. He needed a hard roll and hit it but I have 2 probs and eventually probbed him into a miss. Once he missed he had no other figs nearby to help her out so I was able to easily KO her and re-position to be protected from Green Arrow. Once I had the sizable lead and the clear advantage James decided to call it as well. Two rounds in the top 8 and two concessions!


The Final match was again a repeat match from earlier against my teammate Charles. Knowing how I played the first game, Charles decided to be more aggressive and took an early shot at my Witch Queen instead of wasting actions to equip objects. I was not expecting that and had not protected myself as well as  I should have. Charles was able to hit Witch Queen off of her special power so I was hurting from the get go. I am a very strong player when it comes to positioning so I knew I would have to rely on those skills and they really paid off. I gave Charles no easy shots. Everything was going to require great placement and a few lucky rolls. Well, he made a rather large mistake and left his Nick Fury where I could get a heavy attack off with Witch Queen. The only thing that scared me was his shape change, but as soon as he missed it I rolled the dice and one-shotted Fury. It took me a while to work down his other figs but within like 5-10 min Charles realized I was just going for the full sweep and conceded. 


So all in all it was a worthwhile trip. It sucks I had to play 3 different teammates and knock 2 of them out of the top 8 though. I enjoyed the venue and definitely plan on making more trips down in the future for events. 

My goal in this series is to win all the Winter Meltdown events. Wes once told me that I was a “big fish in a small pond”, so I decided to try and expand my pond a little bit to prove my skill and this was the first step. Well, I have 1 down and 4 more to go before I reach my goal. I will keep everyone updated on how I do. Hopefully this is not the only event write up I do but we’ll see. There is a lot of good competition here in the NY/PA region so let’s see what happens. Until then always remember, perplex the attack!”