Something Old Something New #2: Spider-Man Family

Hello and welcome to issue #2 of Something Old Something New, a Heroclix series where we will build a theme team featuring a newly released game element. As my excitement for the new “Earth X” set got the better of me, today we will be building with not one, not two, but three brand-new pieces:

Rare Peter has the looks of a fairly standard Spider-Man dial until you look closer. The first thing that stands out is that he has Probability Control, which is always a welcome power on any good build.

Second, he begins the game equipped with the Web Shooters special object which grants him the use of Incapacitate (which couples nicely with his 2 targets) that can also be used to “Immobilize” hit targets, disallowing them the ability to be moved or placed.

Third, Peter has a trait that allows him to be placed next to and free close attack a target that has attacked a friendly “Spider-Man Family” character this turn. This is a pretty big deal as Peter here is only the second standard-sized character to have a form of the “Colossal Retaliation” ability thus far in Heroclix.

Rare Prime “Miles Morales” Spider-Man is very comparable to his Rare counterpart in terms of mobility and combat values, but the differences are in his traits and powers. Miles starts off with a different opening support power than Peter, Outwit. Also, Miles has Super Senses as well, but it is traited AND Protected:Outwit! His special damage power grants him a bit of versatility depending on if he requires more offense or the ability to hide from opposing lines of fire in a turn.

“Old Man” Spider-Man is very different from the first two mentioned as his dial focuses more on filling a support role for a team than as an attacker. In addition to possessing the Support power itself (not commonly found in the “Spider-Man Family” keyword), this Spidey also sports the Police Team Ability and a way to pseudo-carry other pieces, both of which can help position your team and set-up better ranged attacks.

Now that I had 195pts of a “Spider-Man Family” team built I decided to build a 400pt team with the intention of supporting both the rares as much as possible. Without further ado here’s the build:

go ahead… try to tell me that’s not a fun-looking team.

– Spider-Punk is a personal favorite of mine that has always pulled his weight

– Spiderling was chosen so that I would have the opportunity to re-roll unsuccessful Super Sense rolls and in case my team faced any “Collosal Retaliation” pieces

– I had never used Mary Jane before but her benefits on this team seemed fairly obvious (especially her trait that affected 50% of the pieces on my team)

– Black Cat from the original Deadpool set has been a staple figure on many of my “Spider-Man Family” teams for years. Probability Control, Stealth, Blades/Claws/Fangs and Improved Movement: Elevation & Hindering are all great assets and her Defenders Team Ability gives the other Wildcard pieces a defensive option to copy

– the Suited Henchman is there strictly to provide the Underworld TA to all of the previously mentioned Wildcards, allowing for a lot of carrying (some figures carrying 2 at a time!)

– The Secret Avengers ATA (assigned to 037a Spidey) provides the team with probably their best option for copyable team abilities as it gives their powers some added protection

I’m happy to say that this team performed admirably against against a formidable “Mystical” themed team, managing a 75-30 win in a 45 minute match. I won initiative and chose the ROC Trenches map as my team was capable of traversing most of the terrain but it also provided very little blocking for my opponent to hide behind.

It was very nice to have several Team Abilities to choose from for my Wildcards to copy, which is a change of pace for “Spider-Man Family” teams. Although Miles Morales did very little outside of carrying and using emergency theme team probability controls, Old Man Peter healed Spider-Punk back up to top click near the end of the match which enabled him to be able to Charge/Flurry an opposing Shredder Clone for the KO. All of the regular Probability Controls were very helpful on this team and MJ’s trait helped out alot for both healing and attacks alike. Spider-Man 037a’s retaliation proved to be just as fun as I thought it would be but it did take some tactical positioning to make sure he was supported, modified and within range of prob when needed. All in all I had a blast playing with some of the newest figures available and look forward to building with them again in the very near future.

Thanks for stopping in again and taking a peak at what goes on inside my head when building fun, thematic Heroclix teams. Feel free to leave me a comment or make a suggestion for a theme team I can cover in a future issue.