Lee’s Chz: Madrox Edition

In mid-November I took it upon myself to take a challenge to play some form of Multiple Man on every team I was going to play until 2019 started. This lead me to play seven games with Madrox on them and even to build a team for the first ROC tournament held at our local venue. First, let’s go into detail about the character and his figures.

Jamie Madrox has the power to duplicate himself upon physical contact. These ‘dupes’ have their own personalities and the ability to learn and do their own things. He can also absorb the dupes and retain all knowledge and memories of the dupe he absorbed. He has been a member of several teams, most notable is the government-founded version of X-Factor. Later he opened X-Factor Investigations, a private eye type of business that he personally funded from his winnings on a game show.

Sinister: Madrox

There have been eight different versions and one pog of Multiple Man in Heroclix. The first four and the pog are all from the long since past REV-style Sinister set from almost thirteen years ago. He didn’t do much, but he was cheap and it was easy to run a whole mess of them. For 17 points you got a straight-forward opening click of Willpower and not much else. For 32 points you got some opening Perplex, mid-dial Close Combat Expert, and end-dial Flurry. At 44 points you could sneak in some Outwit/Mastermind, a little mid-dial Leadership and some closing Stealth with Close Combat Expert. The pog was 7 points and nothing to write home about. The LE James Madrox brought a lot more to the fight with opening Super Strength, mid-dial Perplex and late dial Willpower/Flurry for the low cost of 39 points. I didn’t play any of these guys over the course of my Multiple Man run but it’s good to know where the next few came from.

Giant-Sized X-Men: Madrox

Giant-Size X-Men was my first mutant-based set that I had ever bought. It was my dream set and Madrox sat in the 001 slot. I knew I had to have as many as possible and I got lucky through trades to be able to acquire about thirty of them over time! He came in at 44 points, possibly an homage to his old Sinister version. This version also brought with it Special Powers and traits that an old set like Sinister didn’t have. Finally he had the ability to create dupes! With a trait that allowed him to create dupes when he takes damage, rolling a D6 and with the result of 5-6 he could place a (GSX001) Madrox or a (GSX100) Jamie Madrox on the same click number adjacent. He also has Flurry that he can use if other characters that include Madrox or Multiple Man in the name are adjacent. Opening Toughness gave him a little damage reduction, but you could still easily play a whole game without creating a single dupe.

Giant-Size X-Men also gave us a “Buy-it-by-the-Brick” figure, Jamie Madrox. This figure represented the dupes that could be created. Each click on the dial had something different it brought to the table and his trait gave him the option to choose just about any minor keyword in the game. This figure does a lot, but unfortunately doesn’t have the power to create more dupes (though he is the only version of the character with a range of four). I have played a few of these guys before because on click five he has Support, making him the only version with the power to heal other figures. That can be essential to keeping some of them alive to be able to dupe again later.

Wolverine and the X-Men: Madrox

Wolverine and the X-Men brought us the two most recent versions of Multiple Man, one from the main set and one from the Gravity Feed. I’m going to start with the GF versions first because the main set brings so much to the table. The (WXM205) Multiple Man has a lot of named keywords to represent every form of Madrox that has ever existed. He also has the ability to dupe into any previous version as long as:

  • – it is the same point value or less
  • – he missed his traited Super Senses roll
  • – it comes onto the map on the same click number as the original

He also has full dial Plasticity and grants it to any other adjacent character named Madrox, Jamie Madrox, or Multiple Man. He has Leadership, a little Willpower, some Perplex, some Empower, and a final click of Regeneration (which no other version previously had).

Now for the piece that I played like it was on fire for two full months. (WXM013) Multiple Man is the best representation of the character to date. The first one (“Jamie Prime” as I call him) added to your force is at his full 75 points, any other after that is played at 25 points and they only have a few clicks of life. When Jamie Prime is dealt damage and he lands on his attack power, it allows him to create as many dupes equal to the damage taken. On the same clicks he has these duplication powers he can also absorb an adjacent dupe and heal one click of damage. During that free action you can also switch any number of friendly characters named Multiple Man that are on the map! His biggest strength, aside from no one really knowing which one is safe to hit or not, is the damage power Jamie Prime and all his dupes share: he can use Perplex as long as no other (WXM013) Multiple Man has used it this turn, giving you all sorts of angles and options. Within the same power you also modify your attack value by +1 for each other Multiple Man adjacent to the target. Jamie Prime also has some mid-dial Toughness that keeps him alive, some Leadership to help pull tokens off of the dupes, late-dial Combat Reflexes and Close Combat Expert to get the extra damage in. The dupes and Jamie Prime share the same first two clicks of Flurry, Combat Reflexes, and that special Perplex and attack modifier.

Madrox talks strategy with himself?

Now for the tactics with (WXM013) Multiple Man, the character I used the most during my run.

  1. The first thing you need to do is make a way to remember which one is your “Prime”. Any kind of little paint difference, top-dial markings, something subtle that you know but doesn’t give it away to your opponent. If you lose him it can turn bad fast!
  2. Never put him against a character that can use Pulse Wave. The new rules and wordings make his duping powers not work when he is Pulse Waved.
  3. If he is on his dupe or absorbing powers, keep him away from Outwit as these powers last through the whole back part of his dial and will stay countered if he takes damage, possibly not allowing him to dupe.
  4. Make sure you angle him towards some of the lower-damaging characters. If he takes six damage in one swing he will be KO’d and you get no more dupes.

My best strategy with him is to make sure he only takes a few hits of damage to create a few dupes. Then on your turn you attack with the dupes and absorb one to heal. If you’re lucky you can attack with a dupe, absorb one to heal as a free action, attack with Jamie Prime and if he pushes, create another dupe on the same spot as the absorbed one which makes it free to attack as well. If you can get this general process going you can recycle dupes over and over until something gets hit or the dupes start getting picked off. Another good way to create dupes is by taking pushing damage. While none of them have any move and attack, if you push to move adjacent to an opposing character you will create a dupe after the move action resolves and that new guy is free to attack with a +1 to his attack as long as Jamie Prime is also adjacent to the target.

A good piece to combo him with is (WXM054) M. She has flight to be able to carry him around and she’s a great distraction for heavy hitters. Another fun figure is (AI008) Pip the Troll. He has his “Space Gem” trait that allows him to carry two figures, which is great for taking Jamie Prime and a dupe around the map to confuse your opponent. And when Pip is KO’d you can bestow the Space Gem to Jamie Prime. The greatest set-up I have had with him by far is Jamie Prime with the Exo-Spex and (XXS035) Darwin. Once Jamie Prime has the Exo-Spex and he chooses a power it causes him to react with Darwin and take a damage. This will allow you to dupe on your own terms and not wait for damage from an outside source… just make sure you pay attention to what power you take because you can lose the absorb power or dupe power in the process! Best of all he mixes well with other versions of himself. He is a great one man army, all the puns intended, but does lack a little in the range area. Although sometimes without range there is strength in numbers!