2019 ROC NY State Championship

With the ROC 2019 State and Provincial Championships scheduled to take place in April, info has been slowly leaking about what stores will be hosting these exclusive events. Well, this week it has been announced that none other than WNY Gaming will be hosting the New York State Championship!

What’s even more exciting is that this tournament will also be capping-off the ROC Winter Meltdown series (check out this article for more info). What that means is that the ROC Winter Meltdown championship and the ROC NY state championship are now one in the same. So the “golden ticket” that store champions earned now gets them free entry and automatic registration into the NY state championship!

Now to dig into the “meat and potatoes” of the state championship:

The format for all the state and provincial championships is 300 Modern. With modern age rotation typically taking place in June of each year, this means that the current list of modern legal Heroclix game elements (found here ) will start at the Marvel Civil War storyline OP set and most likely end at the Captain Marvel movie Gravity Feed set due out in February, leaving players a TON of clix to build from! There is a chance that the DC Rebirth set and the Marvel Public Enemy Bullseye Monthly op kit could be included in this list as well… the only way to know for sure would be to check the Wizkids Modern Legal list as the date gets closer.

The tournamnt will start at 12:00pm, so players should plan on getting to the store early so that the judges have enough time to verify build sheets. Players are encouraged to print-out and fill-out build sheets ahead of time so that the event can start quicker, but build sheets will also be available at the store. A link to the most current version of tournament build sheets can be found here.

ROC rules concerning maps are as follows: “Each player must bring at least one (1) and up to three (3) legal maps to a ROC event and written down as part of their team sheet. Player 1 may choose one of the three maps he or she brought. No other map may be used. If a Player does not bring a map, then the player’s opponent wins map choice.” It should also be noted that there is a list of maps legal for this tournament just like there is for playable game elements. ROC’s legal maps list can be found in the ROC rules document found here.

Alright… now that all of that is out of the way onto the good stuff: prizing!

One of the highlights of the ROC state and provincial championships is that there is a special neoprene map awarded to the winners and is exclusive to these tournaments. Whether these special maps provide a particular tactical advantage (such as 2017’s “Underground” or 2016’s “Crossfire Canyon”) or are based on fan-favorite movie scenarios (like 2017 “Remote Outpost on the Mexican Border” and 2018’s “Let Them In”), you can be sure that this year’s map will be a valuable prize worthy of any opponent’s envy!

This year, now that ROC is officially sponsored by Wizkids, the prizing is even more enticing in that in addition to the plethora of convention exclusive figures, ID cards, ROC dice, ROC 3D objects and WKO points (used to qualify for such events as ROC cup and WK Nationals) stores will also be receiving a set of chases and primes from The Mighty Thor set to draft amongst the top 12 winners of each event!

I think it’s safe to say that there is something for everybody at this event, from collectible prizing to pro-status recognition. Be sure to pre-register on the Wizkids Information Network as seats will fill fast and this event does have a player cap. Remember that competition will be stiff so be sure to practice, practice, practice before you bring your force to the map!