ROC Winter Meltdown: Rounds 3 & 4

February saw no lack of Heroclix action for the ROC Winter Meltdown. Now that the dust has settled, I figured it was as good a time as any to catch-up on what went down in this hectic, stormy month.

Round 3 took place at Legacy Gaming in Syracuse, Ny. Although this was the only sealed tournament in the series there was no lack of competition that showed up to play. Previous Meltdown champions Ricky Kirk (Round 1 in Erie, Pa) and Jeff Colossus (Round 2 in Hamburg, Ny), founding members of the infamous “Team Buffalo Wings”, were among the 18 players in attendance who wanted to try their luck at pulling and playing from the newest set, Marvel’s Earth X. However, after 5 rounds of swiss play and a cut to the top 8 a victor emerged and it was none other than famed player Patricia Lam!

Legacy Gaming has a burgeoning Heroclix scene that is showing no signs of stopping thanks to store owner Ryan Hiller, judge Anthony Campbell and devoted local players such as veteran player/collector Joe Greco. Check out some pictures of the store, tournament play and top 8 build sheets below.

winner Patricia Lam and judge Anthony Campbell

Round 4 took place at Pop’s Culture Shoppe in Wellsboro, Pa. This event used the 300pt ROC age Limited format which cuts out a lot of the extras and add-on’s of Heroclix (such as colossals, ID cards and feats just to name a few) while having a wider field of pieces to build from by allowing all sets back to 2011’s Superman set! The creative juices were certainly flowing for this event as can be seen in the top 8 build sheets below. There were many top-notch teams being played, but in the end James Peckham pulled out the win with an “Avengers” theme team that utilized game elements both modern and golden. Congratulations James!

Pop’s Culture Shoppe has been hosting Heroclix events for years, gaining reputation with players for their fun and family-friendly environment as well as their impressive selection of singles for purchase. Although this was their first ROC event, judge and veteran player Dana Johnson has assured me that this will not be their last!

judge Dana Johnson and winner James Peckham
2nd place winner Logan Johnson

stay tuned for more info as we draw nearer to the ROC Ny State Championship and the end of the first ROC Winter Meltdown!