ROC Winter Meltdown Round 5

On March 2nd players from both close and far journeyed to Gamers Portal in Bolivar, Ny to do battle on a grand scale. The format was a whopping 500pt ROC Age Limited and the prize was the 1st quarter ROC map “Prison Tier” and free entry into the 2019 ROC NY State Championship.

14 players were whittled down to 2 in 4 rounds of swiss with Ricky Kirk taking home his 2nd Winter Meltdown win. Because no player can have more than one “golden ticket”, Ricky’s 2nd passes down to the 2nd place winner Joseph Pangrazio.

You can check out their championship “Battle of the Beards” below as well as pics from the event, top 8 build sheets and final standings.

The last round of the ROC Winter Meltdown will be taking place at WNY Gaming on Saturday March 24th in the form of a 300pt Modern Limited tournament. Who will be our last champion that earns their free spot at the ROC NY State Championship???

L to R: event organizer, judge and participant Weston Steiner, 2nd place winner Joseph Pangrazio and champion Ricky Kirk

2nd place winner Joseph Pangrazio showing off his golden ticket, LE Forge and the lynchpin to his team, the LE Toy Soldier

3rd place Ray Rykaczewski
4th place Weston “Stoney” Steiner
tensions were obviously high right before the final match started
locals Cody, Michael, Turner and Kyle
Turner vs. Ray
Charles taking on the champ
Chris vs. Tim
Kyle high-rolling
plenty of maps, plenty of action