ROC Winter Meltdown Round 6

March 24th the last round of the ROC Winter Meltdown took place at the home of it all, WNY Gaming. 15 players duked it out in 4 rounds of Swiss and a cut to top 2, but when the dust settled 2018’s ROC Canada Cup champion Tom Kerr was crowned the winner!

Organizer, judge and 3rd place Weston Steiner awarding 1st place Tom Kerr his golden ticket

The format was 300pts Modern Limited and there was no shortage of interesting builds. From “soldier” and “Sinister Syndicate” theme teams to full point Gauntlet Black Panther… even a double 021 Captain Marvel team made an appearance! Check out the top 8 builds and other assorted pics below.

Even though all 6 rounds of the first (but not last) ROC Winter Meltdown have concluded, the fun doesn’t end there: join us for the shocking conclusion at the ROC NY State Championship taking place at WNY Gaming on April 6th (for more information and registration check here).

2nd place Dale Badgley
4th place Cody Hausner