ROC NY State Championship

April 6 WNY Gaming hosted the 2019 NY State ROC Championship, bringing and end to the ROC Wintermeltdown series and hopefully starting a new tradition. 25 players made this the 2nd highest attended state/provincial championship of the season, traveling from PA and over the border from Canada itself for a chance to claim the title of NY’s best.

After 5 rounds of Swiss pairings and a top 8 cut the champion was crowned and Ontario’s own Devin Owens claimed the title in a “Canadians Only” top 2 match against head ROC judge Jay Solomon.

1st place Devin Owens holding WNY Gaming’s Clix trophy next to 2nd place Jay Solomon

The field was full of top-notch players and original builds as evidenced in the top 8 build sheets found below. Interested parties can follow Devin’s full journey through the top 8 in the youtube links below as well (it’s an awesome NON-theme team that caught a lot of players by surprise with some of its tricks).

I wanted to thank everyone who contributed to a most enjoyable day of Heroclix action, from the Married With Clix crew who came down in full force (the Canadians are invading!) to all of the individual teams who came out to represent the stores that were involved in the Wintermeltdown (special shout-outs to Bill & Joe Greco from Syracuse, Cody, Chuck and Logan from the Olean area, Terry and the “Badger Brothers” from near Jamestown, James & Kyle from the Elmira area, Jerrick & Jordan who made it up from NC and current World champion Joe Pangrazio, Ricky and Nick who repped Rochester). Last but not least thanks to Jimmy Wray, owner and operator of WNY Gaming for going above and beyond the call of duty in helping to organize and run what was such a fun and successful event. See you at the next one!

most of the prizing that was given out
doesn’t look that scary (but looks can be deceiving)

top 8: Devin vs. Sean
top 4: Devin vs. Jeff
finals: Devin vs. Jay
1st Devin Owens
2nd Jay Solomon
7th Joe Pangrazio
5th Cody Hausner
6th Emily Roet
4th Jeff Colliver
8th Sean Badgley
3rd Tom Kerr
filling all the tables…
… in the front room…
… so we started filling up the back!
Starro/pogs vs. Vulture&Co.
TMNT Villains vs. the Avengers
“soldiers” at the good ol’ Iceberg Lounge
Logan is a BIG fan on collossals
duking it out on the crash site of the Milano from “GOTG vol.2”
deciding who will be the “king of the ring”
Jason enjoying his birds eye view
tasty Joe-on-Joe action!
Avengers tussling with cosmic overlords in Gotham City? the multiverse knows no bounds
“Stark Tower” was also a popular map choice
it’s not a party until Unimind rears his ugly head
finding the time to strike a pose
the calm before the storm
Atlantis rising in the top 8
Unseen against the world in the top 8
Jason vs. Charles: War of the Loudest Laughers
top 4
top 4 (side angle)
the infamous Team Buffalo Wings