2020 ROC Winter Meltdown

After months of being M.I.A. I decided it was time to make my triumphant return to the site and start promoting the 2020 ROC Winter Meltdown!

the current 2020 Meltdown locations (with more to come!)

Similar to last year, this competitive Heroclix series will be taking place across several stores in the greater Western NY/Northern PA area during the frosty months of January, February and March. Players will duke it out in store-specific formats for the chance to be their store’s champion and earn their “golden ticket” that grants entry into the ROC Winter Meltdown Championship (held at WNY Gaming in early April). When the snow finally melts only supreme strategy and favorable dice will decide who will be crowned this year’s ROC Winter Meltdown Champion!

2018’s runner-up Jay Solomon and champion Devin Owens holding the championship trophy

At the time of this article 5 stores already have their events scheduled, with more on the way as stores are lining-up to take part in this competitive series that matches skills and strategy with the goal of nabbing exclusive prizing and bragging rights.

A few new venues have already appeared on the line-up with Erie, Pa’s Griffons Lair Game Store and Horseheads, Ny’s Great Escape & Adventures already entering the frey. Could the new champion hail from one of these stores’ play groups? Only time will tell!

current NY state champion Ricky Kirk pointing out where his plaque will be on the trophy

The ROC Winter Meltdown utilizes ROC Win-a-Map kits (found at ROC’s website) and available store prizing to reward players for braving the elements and gathering at their local game stores in the name of Heroclix camaraderie and competition. Limited edition neoprene maps, convention exclusive figures/special objects as well as custom ROC dice and game accessories are just some of the prizing… as well as one “golden ticket” awarded to each event’s winner that grants them free entry into the ROC Winter Meltdown Championship in April!

an example of just some of the prizing available at Winter Meltdown events

As new events and formats are still being finalized be sure to check the Facebook pages and Wizkids Info Network store profiles listed below to keep up on what events will be taking place and when.

WNY Gaming (Hamburg, Ny)



Griffons Lair Game Store (Erie, Pa)





Larger Than Life (Clay, Ny)


Great Escape Adventures (Horseheads, Ny)