Commander 2018 Deck Review: Part 1

As you might already be aware, the full Commander 2018 deck lists have been released. However, when it comes to most newer or indecisive players, it may be hard to know which deck is a good fit for you. This is where I come in, as I will be going over each deck and evaluating play-ability out of the box and any potential upgrades for the deck. EXQUISITE INVENTION Let’s start things off with Exquisite Invention, the artifact themed…

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Crabs in Magic, and Why We Need More

Magic the Gathering has always housed many interesting creatures, from fantasy classics like elves and dwarves, to the more exotic and unique eldrazi. Creature types like these often receive tribal support, whether they’re in the form of anthem affects similar to what’s read on , and , or more interesting approaches to support the creature type like with . However, one creature type that has always managed to captivate me is the crab. Crabs have been in Magic ever…

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