Standard Knights, Revisited

With the release of Dominaria, I was excited to build knights for a couple reasons. I love tribal decks, and the color combination of Orzhov. The deck was fun but it felt like it was lacking something to make it more competitive, especially in the mid to late game. Now, with the release of Core set M19, we have a couple cards that I believe will push the deck into where it needs to be. Ajani is fantastic! He…

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Chromium, the Mutable – Commander

: just not how you would expect by Andrew Bentley I should lead this off with a brief warning, I like jank and I try to make jank work. Now on to Chromium. Most would look at her and think control, naw, we can do better. Let’s start with some common categories card draw, ramp, protection, and recursion. Card draw can be a one-time card draw or repeatable card draw and is important to Chromium’s last ability to discard…

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