How to Use Mana Symbols and Guild Logos

This guide is a quick reference on the mana symbols and guild logos that are currently available to use on the website. While using the visual text editor users can add Magic the Gathering Related symbols within their text. The Short Code Tag for Adding the symbols are ” Symbol Code ” The symbol codes have been simplified for easy recognition and the quick guide will be located below Color Phyrexian Symbol Hybrid Generic Hybrid Guilds Guild Logos Shard Wedge…

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Magic Deck Build Button

This tutorial will explain where and how to use the <Magic Deck Builder> button to insert seamless deck lists into any post. The <Magic Deck Builder> button is located on the Toolbar under the <Visual> tab. It allows a nice cohesive layout for posting decklists within a post while keeping uniformity between multiple users and posts. Locating the button: It is located in the toolbar. When you hover over the icon it will say “WNY Gaming – Post Deck…

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How to Submit a Post for Review

Step 1: Login While on the main splash page, scroll down the left side of the site until you find the <Meta> tab. Click on <Login> or <Register>. Step 2: Make a New Post Once Logged in, There should be a bar across the top of the page. Hover over the <+New> tab, then click on <Post>. Step 3: How to Build a Post A. Title – The title will be the name displayed for the article on all…

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