ROC Wintermeltdown Round 1

(the following event report is from Ricky Kirk of Rochester, Ny)   “This past weekend I competed in the first round of the first ever ROC Winter Meltdown. This is a special Heroclix series for me because I have been waiting for the Northeast region to get a series like Houston and Majestix. The first of the events was at Game Corps in Erie, Pa. A lot of my teammates and friends have visited this store and told me…

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ROC Winter Meltdown

It was recently announced that WNY Gaming and several other stores in the Western New York/Northern Pennsylvania area would be participating in something called “the ROC Winter Meltdown”. I figured I would take the time to shed a little light on what exactly that means here. What is the ROC Winter Meltdown? The ROC Winter Meltdown is a competitive Heroclix series of events that starts in January 2019 and ends with the championship in April 2019.  6 stores from…

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2018 ROC Qualifier

Last Sunday WNY Gaming held their first ever ROC Qualifier. There was some tough competition and many different unique builds,  From X-Men to Groot and ID cards to colossals. Even the mad titan himself Thanos made an appearance!   But when the dust settled Patricia Lam and her X-Men theme team emerged victorious.   Check out some of the teams that were part of the action and follow the link at the bottom to watch the top 8 videos and…

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