Commander 2018 Nature’s Vengeance Review and Much Needed Upgrade

It’s that time of year again, known as Commander Christmas! I want to start by informing the reader that Wizards of the Coast has raised the MSRP of the commander pre-constructed decks by $5 this year, while the reprint value has been reduced from previous years. I am excited to get my hands on them, and to start, lets take a look at the Nature’s Vengeance deck list. Now I wouldn’t consider the deck is bad, but I’m fairly…

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Chromium, the Mutable – Commander

: just not how you would expect by Andrew Bentley I should lead this off with a brief warning, I like jank and I try to make jank work. Now on to Chromium. Most would look at her and think control, naw, we can do better. Let’s start with some common categories card draw, ramp, protection, and recursion. Card draw can be a one-time card draw or repeatable card draw and is important to Chromium’s last ability to discard…

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