A Tale of Commander and Community

GP Los Angeles has drawn to a close, a champion has been crowned. We paid no attention to the main tournament. We spent our time playing commander and brawl, going out to dinner with friends, and just having fun together. We would just walk in to the tournament and take over a row of tables. The GP started for me on Wednesday the 15th when I got off the plane and Phil Deluca picked me up and took me…

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GP Los Angeles Community and Environment

I decided to fly out to California because Phil Deluca (I’ll post all of the twitter handles at the end) of the Commanderin’ MTG podcast invited me to stay with him. I jumped at the opportunity because I don’t get to do anything like this very often. Shivam Bhatt, another host of the podcast, was also staying with Phil for the GP. It really is great to see this normally hidden side of the podcast. (I also want to…

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Traveling to GP Orlando

Seeing Family Although my siblings are spread across the U.S., this Grand Prix has been circled on the calendar for almost a year with the intention to see my sister. Any time I’m given the opportunity, I love to take the time to catch up with family and friends. This trip we visited my sister Terri, and her awesome family! I got to see my nieces, Bailey and Averi, my second mother, Debbie, and my brother-in-law Jay. It was…

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