Commander 2018 Adaptive Enchantment Review and Upgrade

It is hard for me to call this the enchantment deck instead of the enchantress deck. Let’s start by looking at the official decklist and then we can start picking it apart and get some ideas on how we will upgrade it. This deck looks solid. Starting with all the possible commanders. They all care about enchantments, they actually work together fairly well. wants to throw masks on other creatures so she can start untapping all your creatures, this…

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Commander 2018 Exquisite Invention Review and Upgrade

Last year, there was a calling for a Red/Blue thopter queen. We were given ; many were happy but she ended up being a very combo heavy commander. Now we have who may yet wear the crown of thopter queen and might take the title of token king?Let’s take a look at the official decklist Right out of the gates this deck look like it can hold its own. The synergy between two of the potential commanders is great…

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