Magic Deck Build Button

This tutorial will explain where and how to use the <Magic Deck Builder> button to insert seamless deck lists into any post. The <Magic Deck Builder> button is located on the Toolbar under the <Visual> tab. It allows a nice cohesive layout for posting decklists within a post while keeping uniformity between multiple users and posts. Locating the button: It is located in the toolbar. When you hover over the icon it will say “WNY Gaming – Post Deck…

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How to Submit a Post for Review

Step 1: Login While on the main splash page, scroll down the left side of the site until you find the <Meta> tab. Click on <Login> or <Register>. Step 2: Make a New Post Once Logged in, There should be a bar across the top of the page. Hover over the <+New> tab, then click on <Post>. Step 3: How to Build a Post A. Title – The title will be the name displayed for the article on all…

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