Esper Control – All Inclusive Guide for GP Richmond

I went into the RPTQ expecting a ton of RB Aggro and I was not let down. In the room, I think it was safe to say there were 60% RB decks, 10% Keld decks, and under 10% other decks(These are general estimates). I prepared my main deck to beat the RB aggro decks with minimum need to dedicate sideboard cards to the match-up, so i was comfortable with those numbers. I was extremely satisfied with my ability to…

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GP Providence Tournament Report – 35th

For GP Providence, I chose to switch from Turbo Fog to Esper control after my experience in Orlando with the latter. After getting blown out by , I decided that the tech many of the turbo fog decks played would be easy to predict and fall victim to the  current  sideboards, so I set my sights on Jeremy Desani’s GP winning build of esper control. I made a few alterations to incorporate pieces of the top 8 decks from…

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GP Orlando Tournament Report – 169th

Grand Prix Orlando was one of the strangest events I have attended, despite attending Grand Prix Charlotte, Columbus, and Las Vegas when the tournament software broke, the event was split into three, and another software crash respectively. Having been through those events, I still maintain Orlando was the craziest personal experience I have had and I will recap my experience as I also recap the matches I played. I have two byes when attending GPs, so I did not…

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