Cheating in Magic: Asking questions about our community and our morals

I apologize the article I am writing this time is a bit strange. It’s a hybrid of an opinion piece and a call to arms. It seems as though I have ventured yet again into questioning certain aspects of our Magic community. One day I’ll give a sweet deck tech to you all. I’m also going to start this article by saying outright that I am very inexperienced with many of the larger personalities of the Magic community. However,…

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Mox Beauty Podcast: Episode 2-Female Playerbase Problems

Four of the Buffalo Magic Sisters have been doing an hour long podcast called the Mox Beauty Broadcast. I’m sure some of you may have seen this floating around Facebook recently and we are happy to tell you that will start hosting us! I’ve provided our second episode exploring the unique experience of what it is like to be a woman in Magic. We plan on producing an episode about once a month along with some small extra…

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