Standard Update/ New Card Review

New set releases mean new and exciting deck options. Whether it be revitalizing a strategy that has disappeared with a new card that gives it an edge again, or trying something completely off the beaten path, there is guaranteed to be something to get hyped for. Coming into the M19 release, I’ve been playing Abzan Constrictor for about three months now, with the idea of being able to play a very potent and powerful strategy of the with the…

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Igniting your Competitive Spark

Magic the Gathering and its role in your life can be just as complex and intricate as the lines and strategies within the game itself. Magic in its purest form is a game that most of us had exposure to in our early years. Beyond that, we’ve either continually played, or left at some point only to come back years later, my experience being the latter. It has many followers who take on many different roles, such as collectors,…

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