The evolution of prowess in modern

Let us take a trip back to standard from a couple years ago. I had built a prowess deck around a few cards I loved how that deck was like a mix of aggro and tempo. I was sad when they were going to rotate out of standard, so I did the only natural thing I could think of; upgrade it to a modern deck. I really enjoyed this deck for a time but it seemed to be really…

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Modern Minor Leagues

Greetings fellow nerds, I thought it would be appropriate to start with a brief introduction. My name is Joe Easton, I’m a husband, father of an eleven-week-old son, western NY resident, I work for “the man” in corporate America, . . . and I just can’t seem to kick this Heroclix habit of mine. While Heroclix was my first gaming love, it was the gateway to many other games: VS System, Raw Deal, Magic the Gathering, Warmachine, Dicemasters, ….

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