Vampire tribal with Yahenni

Next in my series of tribal goodness we bring to our non-binary friendly neighborhood aetherborn vampire. At first I thought about building a mono black aristocrats build, an aristocrat build being a deck built around sacrificing creatures for effects, but I already had a mono black vampire tribal deck and thought that Yahenni would fit there beautifully. The standard mono black ramp usually includes a vampire, several lands, and several artifacts. This is fairly basic mono black ramp deck…

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Varina, Zombie Queen

was included in the subjective reality 2018 commander deck. She really doesn’t fit there so I decided to take my zombie tribal deck and add some white along the way. The deck was a tribal zombie deck that focused on swarming the board and draining my opponents. The lords in the deck are a large part of why this deck is as good as it is, but some are pure lords and others have more interactions with creatures. Pure…

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Tribal in Commander

Tribal is a deck archetype that centers around using creatures of the same type and spells that affect them. An example of a tribal deck in modern is five color humans, to give you an idea of how the concept looks in reality. Tribal decks are also extremely viable in commander. The great thing about tribal commanders is they tend to be fairly straightforward and lean into a more aggro build, although that is not always the case. I…

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